Public Key Infrastructure at Vattenfall

Vattenfall now offers its commercial and private customers the possibility of sending encrypted messages to Vattenfall employees. Vattenfall IT Infrastructure Services operates an applications environment for this purpose on behalf of Vattenfall, which allows all e-mail participants in the Vattenfall group to send and receive encrypted messages. The Vattenfall Group operates a common Public Key Infrastructure ("Vattenfall PKI") that provides personal certificates based on X.509 v.3 standard for all employees ("Vattenfall Certificates"). Public certificate directory Vattenfall offers a directory of issued certificates for searching the public key of a Vattenfall employee by its e-mail address. To do so, please follow the instructions below.

  • Insert the exact e-mail address in the searching field.
  • Begin the search by clicking the search-button
  • If a suitable entry exists, the public key is offered to you.
  • Download the public key to your computer and embed it into your e-mail programme.
  • Alternatively you can download the public key in vCard format and import it directly into Microsoft Outlook as a contact.
  • E-mail address:
    Choose output format 

Certificate validity check

You can download the certification authority certificates and certification revocation lists ("CRL") needed for validating the Vattenfall certificates from the following links.

Vattenfall's root and intermediate certificates

Vattenfall Root CA

certificate of Vattenfall Root Authority valid from 30.09.2008 to 30.09.2024
certificate fingerprint (SHA-1):
8f 61 e2 a5 b7 33 d7 64 1c ed e1 26 88 3d a0 6d f8 10 f7

certificate of Vattenfall Root CA 2017 valid from 17.01.2017 to 17.01.2027
certificate fingerprint (SHA-1):
0c e2 9d 65 04 c4 2a 4f c8 6a 19 e2 15 5e 73 cd 27 22 cc 87

Vattenfall Intermediate Authority

certificate of Vattenfall Issuing 3 CA valid from 23.10.2014 to 30.09.2024
certificate fingerprint (SHA-1):
77 68 79 12 f0 1a ec 6c 4c ce 84 4c f6 fe ab 60 63 f4 ab b9

certificate of Vattenfall Issuing CA 6 valid from 18.01.2017 to 18.01.2027
certificate fingerprint (SHA-1):
4a ec 2f ce e1 31 87 d2 bf f2 11 c5 5c 0c f2 f0 8a d9 88 4b

Download the certificate revocation lists

CRL of Vattenfall Root Authority

CRL of Vattenfall Root CA 2017

CRL of Vattenfall Issuing 3 CA

CRL of Vattenfall Issuing CA 6

Limited warranty and disclaimer / Limitation of liability

Except as explicitly provided in an applicable agreement with an Authorized Relying Party or Subscriber, Vattenfall Issuing CA(s) expressly disclaims all representations, warranties (express or implied) and liability -- except for willful misconduct and gross negligence -- concerning the functionality, issuance, use, validity, or accuracy of Vattenfall Certificates, including the identity of any person named by a Vattenfall Certificate or their authority to act on behalf of Vattenfall. You can also view into a draft version of Vattenfall's Class 1 CA PKI Disclosure Statement1 ("PDS") for the Vattenfall Certificates.

Further information

If you have any questions relating to the e-mail encryption system, you can use this link to contact a support team working on our behalf.    


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